Alley Concept


alley cocktail bar town mykonos

A singular philosophy

A cosmos of tempting flavours and aromas is immersed in your glass, patiently waiting for you to try. Welcome to Alley Bar, a place where thoughtfulness is edible and senses thrive in an otherworldly experience.
With its alluring, cozy, and distinctive aura, Alley is a spot where different people, cultures, and philosophies are steeped in an exclusive bar experience. Placed in the most central and hype area in the city’s downtown, Alley Bar has become one of Mykonos best venues to enjoy great hospitality, a wide variety of global and greek spirits as well as sophisticated cocktails.

Join us and swig a mouthful of our mesmerizing relishes, artfully paired with sophisticated music ambiance based on classic and modern tunes.

At Alley Bar, we are committed to providing a singular philosophy.
The accurate interpretation of every fundamental form can be transformed into a state of drinking and culinary exploitation.
In this vast voyage, the humble comprehension of natural ingredients, as well as the history of beverages, serve as our companions.