The Alley Menu Philosophy

Absolute delight

alley cocktail bar town mykonos

Using the freshest ingredients

Through a purposeful equilibrium of both traditional and modern techniques and with the help of our high-tech Bar Lab ,we pay homage to the craft of fine drinking so to proudly serve you a drink that will engage your body and soul. We take great care in promoting zero waste philosophy and usage of sustainable products to serve us for a greater cause.Using the freshest ingredients in their most natural state while drawing inspiration from every spectrum of life , history and arts ,we design envisioned menus for those in favour of absolute delight.
Alley Bar’s team is strongly focused on preparing a multi-dimensional cocktail for anyone who wants to travel into the daring world of spirits.
We love encouraging our guests to order tailor-made concoctions or forgotten classics ,always according to their style of drinking.
— it’s all about living the moment, a storyteller , and ultimately, the drink in front of you.